Zoolect – «Embryolody / Live at Alexey Kozlov Club» (CD+DVD)


Musical analoguesCrimson ProjeKct, Jeff Beck, Scott Henderson

Album genreship rock, modern psychedelic, guitar instrumental

All music written, arranged, performed and produced byAndrey Zvonkov and Dmitry Sevastyanov

Record participantsAndrey Zvonkov - guitars, bass, synthesizers; Dmitry Sevastyanov - drums; Anton Mints - synthesizers, programming, sound effects


Recorded, mixed and mastered at Parametrica Studio

Recording engineersIgor Bardashov, Denis Yurovsky
Mixing engineers: Andrey Zvonkov, Sergey Bolshakov
MasteringSergey Bolshakov


Filmed and recorded at  Alexey Kozlov Club, Moscow, on 05.11.2013
Filmed, recorded, mixed and mastered: A FIRECAT FILM PRODUCTION
Directed and edited by Danny Salkhov
Sound engineer: Denis Yurovsky
Light desugner: David Misakyan
Sound recording: Dmitry Kovijenko and Alexander Oginskiy
Technical directorsAndrey Kiz'ko and Sergey Tkachenko

Photos: Max Lakmus, Ilya Ignatovich
Design: Pavel Bandaletov
Executive producer: Nikolay ‘BigNICK’ Bogaychuk

Released in 2014
Catalogue number: AB–CD–09–2013–059
Barcode: 1977721673652

2 disks (CD+DVD)

Album booklet language: English

Publishing HouseOOO “ArtBeat”, 127051, Trubnaya st., 32, building 4

Sales Department: + 7.903.2090450, do@artbeat.ru

Here is the second release of the "Live at Alexey Kozlov Club" albums - a series of live concerts, played from the stage of the Kozlov Club.

The cycle is continued by guitarist Andrei Zvonkov and drummer Dmitry Sevastyanov, their unique project Zoolect, promoting their invented hip-rock. "ArtBeat Music" already worked with a duet - a studio album of the project was released in 2012. Unlike it, the new album contains not only a traditional studio release, but also a "live" concert in audio and video formats.


CD (tracklist)

DVD (tracklist)

  1. Spider Walk
  2. Intro Sample
  3. Simones Train
  4. Zzzangl
  5. Broken  Click
  6. Milk Shake
  7. Zoolect
  8. Crue Of Light
  9. Drum And Guit



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