Vitaly Kis’ – “Old Stories”


Musical analogues: Craig Chaquico, Neal Schon, Acoustic Alchemy

Album genres: smooth jazz, romantic guitar, new age

Written and arranged by Vitaly Kis’

Record participants: Vitaly Kis’ – guitar, programming, back vocals; Vlad Okunev – percussion; Tigran Grigoryan – grand piano, Rhodes piano, keyboards; Andrey Baslyk – bass guitar; Pavel Timofeev – drums; Alexey Elensky – trumpet; Oleg Skladanny – tenor saxophone; Evgeny Zhuratu – trombone; Dmitry Vlasenko – drums; Vladimir Galaktionov – trumpet; Alexey Lebedev – guitar (4); Denis Prushinsky – tenor saxophone; Dmitry Dankov, Sergey Kovalsky, Inna Tsekhanovskaya, Elena Kis’, Angela Markova – back vocals; Nicolay Kozyrev – programming

Recorded in 1998, 2004 / Released in 2012

Catalogue number: AB-CD-09-2012-021

Barcode: 1977721673211

1 CD

Languages o the booklet: Russian, English

Publishing House: OOO “ArtBeat”, 127051, Moscow, Trubnaya st., 32, building 4

Sales Department: + 7.903.2090450
A new release made of compositions from two previous albums of a very famous Russian guitarist, the compilation has been made with a special intention. Due to it, in “Old Stories” we can see mainly a lyrical side of Vitaly’s talent of a composer and of a performer.

Album review

The guitar is a very popular instrument in Russia. But, oddly enough, guitarists who play good instrumental music can be counted on fingers of one hand (“good” music in this case means tuneful , meditative, romantic music performed in a virtuoso way in finger technique, which is rarely used today but which brings heartfulness into the music).



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