The Keepers – “China Tea” and “Journey Over Three Seas”


Album genres: New Age, progressive rock

Performed and produced by:

"The Keepers":

Vladimir Osinsky - synthesizers and programming

Konstantine Baranov - guitars and sound library

Igor Jawad-Zadeh - drums and percussion.


Recorded and mixed at Studio Drozd, Moscow, 1991 - 1992

Mastering: Stas Karyakin at the Keepers Studio, 2014

Catalogue number: AB-CD-09-2014-073

Barcode: 4680287513378

1 CD.

Booklet: in Russian and English

Publisher: OOO "ArtBeat", 127051, Moscow, ul. Trubnaya, d. 32, p. 4.

Sales department: +7.903.2090450,



Vladimir Osinsky - well-known in professional circles sound engineer, arranger, composer and keyboard player. The Keepers is his own musical project that recorded two albums: "China Tea" (1991) ) and "Journey Over Three Seas" (April 1992). Dmitry Koshelev of Inrock magazine described their music as " excellent instrumental art-fusion with a string on rhythmic patterns and synthesizer sound, with a mild eastern-ethnic bias and some "alien" mood.



"China Tea"

01. China tea (5:18)
02. Rastafarian Girl (7:02)
03. Shadows of Ancient Beijing (7:11)
04. Rickshaw's Dream (6:23)
05. Wanderer (2:49)
06. Street Life (5:01)
07. The Nepal Tale (5:39)

Journey Over Three Seas

08. The Tibetan Frog (6:14)
09. Flying Over Volcano (5:12)
10. Venice (5:01)
11. Wet Road (6:18)
12. Sword (6:14)
13. Light Sorrow (4:50)



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