Orlan – “Bashkir Caravan” (2 CD)


Musical analogues: "Arsenal", "Gunesh", "Ashgabat", "Oregon"

Album genres: ethno-fusion, jazz-rock.

CD I - "The Bashkir Caravan":

Written by: Oleg Kireev (1-3, 5, bonus track), Rustem Galiullin (4-6).

Record participants: Oleg Kireev - saxophones, vocals; Rustem Galiullin - trumpet; Vladislav Senchillo - keyboard; Rustem Karimov - drums; Oleg Yangurov - bass guitar; Ruslan Kapitonov - percussion

The album was recorded at Mark Rozovskiy Studio in 2012 thanks to a grant of President of the Republic of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov

Record, mixing and mastering: Vladislav Senchillo

CD II - "Bashkir Legends":

Written by  Oleg Kireev.

Record participants: Oleg Kireev - saxophones, keyboards; Rustem Galiullin -trumpet, kubyz; Igor Suchkov - piano; Oleg Yangurov - bass; Rustem Karimov - drums; Robert Yuldashev - kuray.

The album was recorded at the All-Union Recording Studio "Melodia" in 1989

Sound producer: Rafik Ragimov

Editor: K. Simonian 

Design: Alexander Medvedev.

Producer: Nikolay 'BigNICK' Bogaychuk.

Released in 2014

Catalogue number: AB-CD-09-2014-065

Barcode: 1977721673464

2 CDs.

The booklet in Russian and English.

Publisher OOO "ArtBeat", 127051, Moscow, ul. Trubnaya 32/4

Sales department: +7.903.2090450


Famous saxophonist Oleg Kireev is the pioneer of ethno-jazz in Russia. His ensemble "Orlan" is combining jazz-rock with folk Tatar-Bashkir music. As a bonus to the album "Bashkir Caravan" (2012), the album "Bashkir Legends" of 1989 is attached.

CD I: "Bashkir Caravan" (2012)


CD II: Bonus disk – "Bashkir Legends" (1989)

  1. Abdrahman
  2. Karabay
  3. Singing Reed
  4. Bashkir Countryside Blues
  5. Sabantuy
  6. Snowy April


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