Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra – “Letter to a Friend”


Musical analogues:  Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Igor Butman Jazz Orchestra, Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Pete McGuinness Orchestra 

Album genres: big band jazz, hard bop, orchestra, original arrangements.

Arranged by:  Serge Bogdanov.

Record participants:

"Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra":

Kirill Bubyakin – alto, soprano, flute
Serge Bogdanov - baritone, bass clarinet,
Maria Art – alto (2-8,10),
Andrey Blinchevskiy – alto, flute (1,9),
Juriy Bogatirev – tenor,
Vyacheslav Ipatov – tenor;

Roman Rogkov,
Serge Margolin,
Alexey Dmitriev,
Roman Kvachev;

Konstantin Semenov,
Alex Kozlov,
Pavel Tsigankov,
Valentin Patsuk;

Andrey Zimovets - piano,
Nick Zatolochniy – bass,
Grigoriy Voskoboynik - bass (1,9),
Egor Krukovskih – drums;

Alexey Dmitriev – flugelhorn (1,9),
Andrey Zimovets – piano (2,4,5,9),
Juriy Bogatirev – tenor saxophone (2),
Egor Krukovskih – drums (2),
Serge Bogdanov – baritone saxophone (3,8),
Kirill Bubyakin – alto saxophone (3,5,7),
Nikolay Zatolochniy – bass (7);
Konstantin Semenov – trombone (3);
Alex Kozlov – trombone (10).

Special guests:
Igor Butman – tenor saxophone (1,10), soprano saxophone (6),
David Goloschekin – flugelhorn (2,5), vibraphone (6).

Recorded in 2011 (2-7,10) and 2012 (1,9) / Released in 2012

Catalogue number: AB–CD–11–2012–038

Barcode: 1977721673365

1 CD.

Booklet in two languages: Russian and English

Publishing House: OOO “ArtBeat”, 127051, Moscow, Trubnaya st., 32, building 4

Sales Department: + 7.903.2090450

The debut album of a young St. Petersburg collective. Classics of jazz in modern arrangements. It is conceived, executed, recorded and published in such a way that it can serve as a new guide for works in this musical direction.

Album review

The very name of the Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra seems to hint to us that the orchestra ("Jazz.Ru" wrote about it in detail in No. 6/7-2012) is working at the St. Petersburg Philharmonic of jazz music, which means it works in a conservative paradigm, reproducing the traditions of the irrecoverable jazz past, and not rushing to any new horizons - the more so, keep the Duke, innovative. Listening to the disc from the very first minutes of sound confirms that this is the way it is. And, in principle, until the end of the last - the tenth - the track is nothing and will not change this impression. Yes, this is jazz conservatism in its purest form. But!




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