Nikolay Sidorenko Trio – “Troika”


Musical analuguesEsbjorn Svensson Trio, Bobo Stenson, Evgeny Lebedev

Album genrescontemporary jazz, contemporary chamber music, piano trio.

Written byNikolay Sidorenko (1-7), Dizzi Gillespie (8), Edvard Baghdasaryan (9). Arranged by: Paromshik Luda Band (1), Nikolay Sidorenko (2-7), Dizzi Gillespie (8), Edvard Baghdasaryan (9).

Record participantsNikolay Sidorenko TrioNikolay Sidorenko –piano; Anton Revnyuk - bass, Alexey Kravtsov - drums.

Recorded at Balik Farm Studio in Switzerland and at Tonestudio Production Complex of Mosfilm film concern in Russia.

Recording and mixing: Alexandre Bolle (1,2,3,4,7,8), Andrey Levin (5,6,9)

"Prelude" montage: Gnell Ghazaryan

Mastering: Vladimir Ovchinnikov

Released in2014

Catalogue numberAB–CD–09–2014–065

1 CD

Booklet in  Russian and English

Publishing HouseOOO “ArtBeat”, 127051, Trubnaya st., 32, building 4

Sales Department+ 7.903.2090450,
Nikolay Sidorenko Trio's album "Troika" is the music of a young but already well-known pianist, the winner of the Montreux Jazz Solo Piano Competition-2010. The album became the first of "ArtBeat Music" releases included in Europe Jazz Media Chart



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