Marimba Plus – “Flight Over The World”


Musical analogues: “Arsenal” band, Spyro Gyro, Weather Report

Album genrescontemporary musical polystylistics: jazz, jazz-rock, fusion, progressive, funky fusion

Music is written and arranged by Mikhail Levanov (1-8), Pavel Martynenko (1, 6), Piotr Ivshin (5), Natalya Levanova (8)

Record participantsMikhail Levanov – saxophones; Pavel Martynenko – guitars; Vladimir Kapyrin – keyboards; Victor Konkov – drums; Alexey Ryslavsky – bass (1-6); Dmitry Maximov – bass (7, 8); Egor Dergachev – keyboards (7); Natasha Levanova – muse.

Recorded in 2012Released in 2013

Catalogue numberAB-CD-11-2013-045


1 CD

Languages of the bookletRussian, English

Publishing HouseOOO “ArtBeat”, 127051, Moscow, Trubnaya st., 32, building 4

Sales Department+7.903.2090450
Marimba Plus is an instrumental ensemble that defines its style as an art fusion - the fusion of modern jazz, ethnic, electronic music and academic traditions. "Flight Over the World" - an album recorded by the band in 2012.

Album review

“I would take the liberty to claim that this is one of the best albums produced by Marimba Plus! Inventive, colorful, energetic, positive, bright, savoury! Super groove, impressive sound! Outstanding musicians! Engaging solos! Executed with respect to the perennial folklore traditions, and at the same time enhanced with the musicians’ own personality. The vocalist, so careful in her sentence vibrations and...



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