Krasnodar George Garanian Big Band – “From Garanian to Garanian”


Musical analoguesOleg Lundstrem Jazz Orchestra, ensemble "Melody" by George Garanian, orchestra by the name of Vadim Ludvikovsky Ensemble

Album genresjazz, swing, mainstream.

Author of all arrangements: George Garanian

Recording participants: Krasnodar George Garanian Big Band, art director and conductor - George Garanian; special guests: Alexey Kuznetsov - guitar; Vladimir Danilin - accordion; Sergei Kokorin - pianoforte, Pavel Ovchinnikov - trombone.

Recorded and mixed at   the "Tonstudia" of the Cinema Center "Mosfilm", 2002.

Recording directorVladimir Ovchinnikov.

Director of completion, montage and mixing: Andrey Levin

Digital mastering: Vladimir Ovchinnikov

Photo: Igor Gavrilov, Pavel Korbut.

Design layout: Pavel Bandaletov.

Producer: Valery Kosolapov.

Executive producers: Ilya Filippov, Ilya Fedorov.

Producer: Nikolay 'BigNICK' Bogaychuk.

Released in  2014

Catalogue number: AB-CD-11-2014-079

Barcode: 1977721673877

1 CD.

The booklet is in Russian and English.

Publisher: OOO "ArtBeat", 127051, Moscow, ul. Trubnaya, d. 32, p. 4.

Sales department: +7.903.2090450


This album - a contribution to the "golden fund" of Soviet and Russian jazz mainstream - was conceived by George Garanian 12 years ago, but the work was not completed at the same time. Now the missing solo episodes were recorded and Andrey Levin at Mosfilm masterfully brought all the phonograms into a single and powerful canvas.






  1. Fascinating Rhytm (George Gershwin)
  2. Flamingo (Edmund Anderson, Ted Grouya)
  3. Cry Me A River (Arthur Hamilton)
  4. Cotton Tale (Duke Ellington)
  5. By A Waterfall (Irving Kahal, Sammy Fine)
  6. There Is Not Greater Love (Isham Jones, Marty Symes)
  7. Ballad (George Garanian)
  8. Lullaby Of Birdland (George Shearing)
  9. Caravan (Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, Juan Tizol)
  10. Whirlpool (George Garanian)

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