Jazzator – “DOMe”


Musical analogues: The Bad Plus, Tigran Hamasyan, Musica Nuda (Ferruccio Spinetti & Petra Magoni)

Album genres: post-jazz, contemporary jazz, academical music, experimental music

Written and arranged by Marina Sobyanina

Record participants: Marina Sobyanina – vocals, piano; Sergey Balashov – drums; Oleg Maryakhin – alto saxophone, baritone saxophone (3, 7); special guest: Andrey Bessonov – clarinet (1, 2, 4), Tatyana Rechnaya – flute (4, 5, 6), Victor Avsagarov – bass (4)

Recorded in 2012 / Released in 2012

Catalogue number: AB-CD-04-2012-015

Barcode: 1977721673167

1 CD with the inserted poster (in English) in digipack.

Publishing House: OOO “ArtBeat”, 127051, Moscow, Trubnaya st., 32, building 4

Sales Department: + 7.903.2090450
Full of drive post-jazz compositions in which melodics of Bartok and Stravinsky are combined with free improvisation and fascinating vocal acrobatics of Marina Sobyanina.

Album review

“The second album of the Moscow avant-prog group Jazzator was recorded in the Moscow cultural center “DOM”- the disc’s name takes its origin from here. The disc was mixed in Berlin and released by Alexey Kozlov Foundation “ArtBeat”. So we can see a certain progress if compared to the previous disc “Rough Terrain” that was released via samizdat (self-publishing). The group is a welcome guest at European ...



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