Ivan Smirnov – “The Land Where the Sun Slumbers” (2 CDs, a special edition to the 10th anniversary)


Musical analogues: John McLaughlin, Ralph Towner, Lyle Mays, Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo, Jimmy Page

Album genres: fusion, world music, acoustic, instrumental

Written and arranged by Ivan Smirnov (in CD1 – 1-3, 5, 7, 8; in CD2 – 2-8); Mikhail Smirnov (in CD1 – 1; in CD2 – 1); Sergey Klevensky (in CD1 – 1, 4); Andrey Vinogradov (in CD1 – 5, 6), Akhmad Bakaev (in CD2 – 2, 4, 6)

Record participants: Ivan Smirnov – acoustic guitar; Mikhail Smirnov – keyboards, accordion, percussion; Sergey Klevensky – clarinet, svirels, blowing horns, bagpipes; Dmitry Safonov – acoustic guitar

Recorded in 2002 / Released in 2012

Catalogue number: AB-CD-09-2011-004

Barcode: 1977721673037

2 CDs

Languages of the booklet: Russian, English, each piece has the author’s annotation

Publishing House: OOO “ArtBeat”, 127051, Moscow, Trubnaya st., 32, building 4

Sales Department: + 7.903.2090450
The famous concert album of Ivan Smirnov, the best acoustic guitarist in Russia. Music inspired by Russian folklore and performed with the highest mastery, artistry, and absolute taste. Music is written on junction of genres: flamenco, classic intonations, Celtic themes, energy of rock culture, but it remains very Russian. Its tracks are a long and interesting journey to the Land where the Sun slumbers.

Album review

“This double album is a jubilee reissue to the 10th anniversary of the original. On January 31, 2002 in Le Club the concert of “Ivan Smirnov Quartet” was held, its recording became the disc “The Land Where the Sun Slumbers” released under Sketis Music label. The album was sold at once, became an event and for today a rarity. Many want to have it in their collection but do not have opportunity. “ArtBeat” Company decided to correct this (the only one) defect of the album and released it in the same design of the booklet, photos and texts, having added only translation to English.”

From the press release of the jubilee edition of the album



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