German Lukyanov – “PreKadans” album (3 CD)


Recorded in 1962-1976 / Released in 2012

Catalogue number: AB-CD-11-2012-040

Barcode: 1977721673389

3 CDs

Languages of the booklet: Russian, English

Publishing House: OOO “ArtBeat”, 127051, Moscow, Trubnaya st., 32, building 4

Sales Department: + 7.903.2090450
Triptych album contains works of German Lukyanov, a composer, a band leader, a multi-instrumentalist, a grandmaster of flugelhorn and alto horn, whose fame rose back in the early 60-s. A compilation of pieces played before “Kadans” was founded.

Album review

“The one who loves jazz tomorrow will betray his Motherland” – despite the couplet existed in the USSR in the early 60-s (and later), but the authorities did not manage to block the “air of freedom” for jazz. The confirmation of this is...




Record participants:

Tracks 1-3 – Trio: Alfred Grigorovich – contrabass; Mikhail Terentyev – piano; German Lukyanov – flugelhorn

Tracks 4-6 – Trio: leonid Chizhik – piano; Vladimir Vasilkov – drums; German Lukyanov – flugelhorn

Tracks 7 and 8 – “VIO-66” under the direction of Yuri Saulsky

Track 9 – Duet: German Lukyanov – piano; Igor Bril’ – piano

Tracks 10-13 – Duet: German Lukyanov – flugelhorn; Igor Bril – piano


Record participants:

Tracks 1-4 – Sextet: German Lukyanov – flugelhorn; Konstantin Nosov – trumpet; Alexey Zubov – tenor saxophone, flute; Konstantin Bakholdin – trombone; Vladimir Smolyanitsky – contrabass; Mikhail Kudryashov – drums

Tracks 5-9 – Septet: German Lukyanov – flugelhorn, alto horn; Gennady Golstein – alto saxophone, flute; Alexey Zubov – tenor, soprano, baritone saxophones; Konstantin Bakholdin – trombone; Igor Bril’ – piano; Anatoly Sobolev – contrabass; Mikhail Kudryashov – drums


Record participants:

Tracks 1-3 – Quintet: Vadim Vyadro – tenor saxophone; German Lukyanov – flugelhorn; Igor Bril’ – piano; Victor Dvoskin – contrabass; Victor Yepaneshnikov – drums

Tracks 4-6 – Quintet: German Lukyanov – flugelhorn, alto horn F; Alexander Pischikov – tenor saxophone; Anatoly Sobolev – contrabass in tracks 4 and 6; Victor Yepaneshnikov – drums

Tracks 7-10 – Sextet: German Lukyanov – flugelhorn, alto horn; Alexander Pischikov – tenor and soprano saxophones; Arkady Shabashov – trombone; Nikolay Levinovsky – piano; Victor Dvoskin – contrabass; Victor Yepaneshnikov – drums

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