Enver Izmaylov – “Storm”


Musical analogues: Stanley Jordan, Burhan Ocal, Dmitry Maloletov

Album genres: mainstream jazz, ethnic Jazz, world music, guitar tapping, fusion

Written, arranged, and produced by Enver Izmaylov. “Bylina” - folk music.

Record participants: Enver Izmaylov – electric guitars, vocals, udu; Lenie – vocals (8); Rustem Bari – drums, percussion (6, 8, 13)

Recorded in 2008 / Released in 2012

Catalogue number: AB-CD-04-2012-011

Barcode: 1977721673136

1 CD

Languages of the booklet: Russian, English

Publishing House: OOO “ArtBeat”, 127051, Moscow, Trubnaya st., 32, building 4

Sales Department: + 7.903.2090450
Enver Izmailov is a very distinctive virtuoso guitar player, one of the founders of tapping technique, a one-man band, who’s each performance is unique and unforgettable.

Album review

A year ago Enver izmailov, a Crimean Tatar born in Ferghana , deservedly got a title of People’s Artist of Ukraine. But unfortunately, after his albums “Legend” and “Minaret”, that got the world recognition, were released, no new discs appeared in his discography, despite a lot of music composed by Enver and many interpretations of folk, rock, pop, and jazz classics .

“ArtBeat Music” decided to change the situation.



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