Big Second – “Big Second”


Musical analogues: Tony Levin, Robert Fripp, Arsenal

Album genres: instrumental progressive rock, modern instrumental music

Music by: Dmytriy & Sergey Radzetskiy (1-9), Alexey Kozlov (10) - recorded at «Big Second»'s concert at Alexey Kozlov Club in Moscow on 28.05.12, introduction by Alexey Kozlov, Tony Levin, Michael Bernier, Pat Mastelotto (11) - recorded at  «Tony Levin's Stick Men» and «Big Second» concert in Kiev on 29.10.12

Record participants: Dmytriy Radzetskiy – 10-str MIDI Radz-guitar, addictive drums (1-11); Sergey Radzetskiy – 4-str and 6-str bass guitars, classical guitar, keyboards, addictive drums (1-11): Tony Levin – Chapman stick, vocals (11); Markus Reuter – touch guitar U8 (11); Pat Mastelotto – drums, vocals (11)

Mixing, mastering: Dmytriy & Sergey Radzetskiy

DesignAlexander Medvedev

Executive producerNikolay “Big Nick” Bogaichuk

Recorded: 2010-2012 / Released: 2013

Catalogue number: AB–CD–06–2013–055

Barcode: 1977721673556

1 CD 

Booklet in two languages: Russian and English

Publishing HouseOOO “ArtBeat”, 127051, Moscow, Trubnaya st., 32, building 4

Sales Department+ 7.903.2090450
Album of the guitar duo of two brothers from brotherly Ukraine. Excellent proof that the post-Soviet space remains rich in musical talents. Guitar music of the European class with a distinct addition of own inventions.


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