Authentic Light Orchestra – «Forgotten Runes»


Musical analogues: Dead Can Dance, Deep Forest, "Ivan Kupala"

Album genres: world music, ethno fusion, new emotional music

Authors of music: Valery Tolstov (1-11), Vartan Gasparyan (1,5). Songs 4,5,9 - Armenian folk music. In composition 7 a fragment of music by Miguel de Foglia

The authors of the arrangements: Valery Tolstov (1-11), Rustem Monasypov (9).

Record participantsAuthentic Light Orchestra: Valery Tolstov - flute, electro-flute, bansuri, duklar, Kalyuk, keyboard hu-lu-si, guitars; Veronika Stalder - vocals; Franz Hellmuller - guitars; Hovannes Djibian - keyboards; Beat Gisler - bass guitar; Andi Pupato - conga, udu, shaker, kahon; Mario Caspar - drums.

String ensemble Rustem Monasypov - violin; Assiya Abdrakhmanova - violin; Svetlana Ramazanova - violin; Aiken Utesheva - violin; Hope Andrianova - violin; Natalia Golub - violin; David Sinebeli - violin; Eldar Saparayev - cello; Mikael Matnisyan - cello; Alexandra Ramazanova - cello; Khachatur Savzyan - double bass.

Special guests: Vladiswar Nadishana - hang, udu (track 3); Dima Gorelik - acoustic guitar (3); Mikael Voskanyan - tar (3.9); Avag Margaryan - blahl (3,4,11); Vartan Gasparyan - acoustic guitar (11); Alexander Grigoryan - ethnic percussion (3,4,9,11).

Recording and mixing: Valery Tolstov.
Recorded in Zurich, Vinteture, Altikona (Switzerland), Berlin, Yerevan and Moscow.

Photo: Vigen Hakhverdyan
Design layout: Alexander Medvedev
Used artworks by Juli Jah
Executive producer: Nikolay 'BigNICK' Bogaychuk.

Released in  2014
Catalogue number: AB-CD-06-2014-071
Barcode: 1977721673846
1 CD
The booklet is in English.
Publisher: OOO "ArtBit", 127051, Moscow, ul. Trubnaya, d. 32, p. 4.

Sales department: +7.903.2090450
Bright and diverse album of the famous Swiss project, whose leader is the multi-instrumentalist Valery Tolstov, a Swiss with Russian roots, a graduate of the Higher School of Art in Zurich. The music of the project is a symbiosis of different styles with a generous additive ethnics. The instrumental arsenal of A.L.O is also very rich. This gives the team the right to be called an orchestra whose disc will send you on a journey through cultures full of different miracles.






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