Asketics – «2012» (2 CD)


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Musical analogues: Ozric Tentacles, Hidria Spacefolk, Va-Ta-Ga

Album genres: space rock, acid jazz, electroacoustics

Photography: Anastassia Leontyeva and Mikhail Plaksin

Recorded at the studio Pravda REC

Sound Engineer: Alexey Denisov

Executive Producer: Nikolay “Big Nick” Bogaychuk

Design: Alexander Medvedev

Recorded in 2013/ Released in 2013

Catalogue number: AB-CD-06-2013-053

Barcode: 1977721673631

2 CDs

Languages of the booklet: Russian, English

Publishing House: OOO “ArtBeat”, 127051, Moscow, Trubnaya st., 32, building 4

Sales Department: +7.903.2090450

A new release of a distinctive trio from Karelia. Bright and original contemporary music beyond traditional limits. The release contains two CDs: the reissued album “Asketics” (2011) and the new album “2012”.

Album review

“Practically all pieces were composed in 2012 – in a sort of apocalyptic year when it was not clear what would happen to mankind… According to our inner feelings, the disc is also special as we end up a certain stage with this record.
We were not recording it hour in hour out with...



CD 1 – “Asketics”:

Record participants: Alexey Derevlev – guitars and gadgets; Sergey Shelyapin – electrine, contrabass; Arkady Sokolov – drums, keyboards, sampler

Invited guests: Mikhail Totsky – accordion (3); Alexander Kazarin – trumpet, flugelhorn (5,7); Mikhail Yeremeevsky – scratches (6,9)

CD 2 – “2012”

Record participants: Alexey Derevlev – guitars, background guitars; Sergey Shelyapin – electrine, contrabass (5); Arkady Sokolov – drums, kongas (7), synthesizer (2, 3, 6), hulusi (1)

Invited guets: Natalya Skvortsova – keyboards (1, 4, 5, 6, 7); Oleg Maryakhin – baritone saxophone (4, 7); Anton Zakharov – trumpet (5, 7); Ivan Zhuk (7); DJ MORKOVKA – scratch (3, 5)

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