Alexey Kruglov & Jaak Sooaar Quartet – “The Mighty Five”


Musical analoguesVladimir Chekasin, Evan Parker, Anthony Braxton, John Coltrane.

Album genres: jazz, modern improvisational music.

The idea of ??the project: Nikolay 'BigNICK' Bogaychuk,

Arrangements by: Alexey Kruglov and Jaak Sooyar.

Participants of the recordingAlexey Kruglov - viola, soprano saxophones, children's saxophone, prepared alto saxophone, whistle, cries; Jaak Sooaar - electro-guitar, electronics; Mihkel Malgand - double bass, bass guitar; Tanel Ruben - drums

Recorded in spring 2014 in the Tallinn studio of the Estonian Television and Radio Broadcasting.

Record, mixing, mastering: Teeth Kehlmann.

Design: Alexander Medvedev
Photo: Alexander Nikitin, Eric Merila, Tat Kehlmann Nikolay 'Big Nick' Bogaychuk, Heity Kruusmaa, from the personal archives of Alexei Kruglov and Jaak Sooyar.
Producer: Nikolay 'BigNICK' Bogaychuk.

Released in: 2014
Catalogue number: AB-CD-09-2014-074
Barcode: 1977721673464
1 CD.
The booklet in Russian and English.

PublisherOOO "ArtBeat", 127051, Moscow, ul. Trubnaya 32/4

Sales department: +7.903.2090450

A vivid example of the fact that modern improvisational music is a friend, not an enemy, of the classical academic. In addition, it is an excellent attempt to make contemporary improvisational music closer "to the broad masses of listeners, which, in fact, is very similar to the asceticism of the "Mighty Five", created a century and a half ago. The album was so successful that it was included in Europe Jazz Media Сhart in December 2014.


Have a full picture.

Here is  "The Mighty Five"'s  CD inner box cover:



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