Alex Rostotsky – “I Remember Joe Zawinul” (CD+DVD)


Music analogues: Joe Zawinul, Weather Report, The Zawinul Syndicate, Brian Eno.

Album genresworld music, electronic, jazz, fusion, ethno jazz.

Compositions written by: Alex Rostotsky – 1-5,7;  Paco Sery, Joe Zawinul – 6.

Record participants: Alex Rostotsky – synthesizers, voice coder, declamation; Timur Nekrasov – saxophone; Lev Slepner – электронная маримба, перкуссия; Вартан Бабаян – перкуссия; Линли Март – bass; Paco Sery – drums.

Recorded in: 2011 / /Released in: 2011

Catalogue number: AB–CD–10–2011–003


2 Cds.

Bookletin two languages (Russian and English).

Publishing HouseOOO «ArtBeat», 127051, Moscow, Trubnaya st., 32, building 4.

Sales Department: +7.903.2090450

This disc is not a tribute project but an author work by Alex Rostotsky, music written by him in remembrance of great Joe Zawinul. It is very close to Zawinul’s style but, at the same time, has its own character; it makes the music unique and interesting.


Album review

"The twenty sixth (!) album of Alex Rostotsky “I Remember Joe Zawinul” is dedicated to the memory of the legendary keyboardist, composer and the founder of fusion style. The new disc is not a compilation of Joe Zawinul’s music interpretations but a substantive creative work. Listeners will feel a new emotions born by fusion classic’s music via author compositions by Rostotsky. (The only exception in the track list is the composition “Zanza-2” written by Paco Sery together with Joe Zawinul)...


CD tracklist

DVD album (video from Usadba Jazz festival)
  1. Intro
  2. Turkish Coffee
  3. New Lamento
  4. Personal Sadness
  5. Zanza-2
  6. Russian-Zulu song
  7. Joe Zawinil at Baikonoor


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